Summer Weddings

Summer is approaching fast and with that comes weddings. June, the most popular month for weddings, may be hot but the darling summer details will leave a bride as happy as can be. Although it may be on the warmer side, the weather during the summers is beautiful, stunning flowers are in bloom, and traveling guests have a better chance to make the party. The weather is nice but boy do you brides have to prepare for the heat. Although the heat may not bother you, you need a getaway for your guests to escape the hot weather—whether that be a tent, air conditioned building, a large supply of water, or even light fresh foods. 

Now for the fun part—the cake, colors, and flowers. When choosing cake flavors in the summer, it is always a good idea to pick in-season berries and fruits. It gives your cake a little something extra that other brides may not have thought of. You could switch it up and do a raspberry puree filling rather than a boring old butter cream. Something small like that can really reflect a season.

Melany and Joel’s cake sat on a glass base elevated by candle jars and filled in with lemons and limes. Tiny green pearls decorated each tier of the buttercream-and-fondant-covered cake, and instead of traditional flowers or bride and groom figurines, a l...

 There are four major color trends for this upcoming summer. The first option is perfect for a simple beach wedding—papaya and olive. The next, red and pool, this cools summer down a tad while still being vibrant and eye catching. The next color combo, fuchsia and navy, which is preferably my favorite gives summer a very nautical theme. These colors can also be incorporated into your cake to make it very creative and fun. The final combo is mustard, black, and white. This color combo is perfect for a bride that wants a fun, formal summer wedding. The elegance from the black and white is there, but they are accompanied by a playful shade of yellow. This is also perfect way for yellow to be incorporated into the drink scene with lemon drop martinis, YUM.

With so many flower options during the summer brides have to make sure their flower choices will be the right fit for their wedding as well as stay beautiful throughout the day. Brides, make sure you choose hearty flowers, look for the ones with a waxy texture—they should stay fresh the entire day. Shopping local for flowers is also a great idea, flowers in bloom in your area are perfect for a bouquet. Since it is warmer during the summer months, flowers will require more upkeep. Make sure the flowers are delivered the day of the wedding; you do not want your flowers sitting around if they will not be used in awhile. Also make sure there is a refrigerator on site in order to maintain the bloom until they are finally needed. If your flowers will be in the summer sun for an extended period of time keep a spray bottle close by and mist them every hour or so. Make your summer wedding fun and opt for bright and bold colors—depending on how formal you want your wedding will have an impact on what flowers and colors.

Summer weddings are beautiful, bold, and exciting—so remember these tips and your wedding will turn out a success. Thanks to the knot for some of the great ideas about summer wedding details.

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