Bridesmaids- Let Them Choose

A bride has so much on their plate already, so allowing their bridesmaids to make some of the decisions will only lighten the their load. Of course the bride will set some guidelines but after that the bridesmaids are on their own. Here are some ideas for brides who want to spend more time gathering ideas for their wedding rather than worrying about their bridesmaids.

First, brides simply pick a color and fabric for their bridal party. The bridesmaids can then pick their style by what fits their body shape the best. Lets face it, each and every girl is different so one style does not always fit all. Your bridal party will be sophisticated and coordinated, but not identical.

Second, let your bridesmaids choose their jewelry. All you have to tell them is whether you want them to wear pearls, gold, or silver. The slight differences in their jewelry will not be noticeable in your photos and it will leave your bridesmaids feeling comfortable.

Finally, have each bridesmaid carry a different bouquet of flowers, but have the wedding colors coordinated into each arrangement. The look will fall together even though there are numerous different flowers in each arrangement.

Hopefully these little tips help you out and create your day to be the perfect wedding. Thanks to The Knot for their wonderful ideas.

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