Location, Location, Location!

A Bash

Wherever you are from, there is always a great place to plan your perfect Destination Wedding! There are many beautiful locations all around the US that will create a magnificent memory for you your family and friends.  After all it is your special day, so make it count and chose the best location that suites you.

Finding a great location can give your wedding that extra flair that  will keep everyone remembering your wedding for years to come.  We have put together the top ten locations for a destination wedding right here in the wonderful USA!

1. Key West, Florida this location is generally an easy place to get to without such bombarding travel expenses.  It has the feeling of true paradise and is perfect for a summer wedding.

2.  San Francisco, California: If you have a passion for wonderful weather and wine make this your destination.

3.  New York City, New York: city lovers find that NYC is a great city filled with spectacular views and plenty of options to have a beautiful wedding, such as Central Park.

4.  Las Vegas, Nevada: The most popular place to get eloped can also be a great place for a monumental ceremony as well!

5.  Boston, Massachusetts : This history filled city will give your guests plenty to take in while also enjoying a festival of love.

6.  Burlington, Vermont: It is known for being a romantic town filled with beautiful mountain ranges and sights, perfect for a winter wedding.

7.  Charleston, South Carolina: a popular destination for the south.  It is filled with great food, fun and southern hospitality.  The beautiful city surrounded by water is a great option for a wedding during all seasons of the year.

8.  Seaside, Florida: The tranquil small town is located close to the Florida/ Alabama border and is easy to get to for many travelers.  Besides the perfect location, the scenery is one out of a magazine.  One of Florida’s best kept secret.

9.  Hawaii: Although far to get to unless you are in the California area, Hawaii is the ultimate traveling destination, many stay for their honeymoon because of the unforgettable islands and romantic feel.

10.  Washington DC: what a better location for a wedding than our country’s capital! The perfect place for political lovers, is also a beautiful city with plenty to do.



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