Welcome to A Bash!

Welcome to A Bash! The following is just a little bit about us:

A Bash was established in 2003 in Oxford, Mississippi.  Over the course of 7

years, we have planed over 200 weddings, accounting for nearly $8 million

dollars in the chic wedding industry.

In 2010, A Bash is happy to announce new ownership under Krista Bloome.

Krista grew up in Birmingham Alabama and later went to school at The

University of Mississippi. While majoring in hospitality management she

interned for Kate Rosson, founder of A Bash. It was during this time that

Krista realized her passion for event planning and coordination. She has a

true eye for detail and prides herself on her organizational skills. After

leaving Oxford, Krista headed to corporate America and worked for The

Irvine Company in Irvine, California. While she enjoyed the corporate

world and will take many valuable skills away from her time spent there

Krista knew that her true passion was event planning. Thus, she began

contacting Kate to see if she had any possible ventures available. Krista

had after all missed the south and decided it was the time in her life to

pursue her goals. Much to her surprise not to long after Krista contacted

Kate the opportunity to take over A Bash presented itself. Krista could not

have been more thrilled to return to Oxford, Mississippi to her dream


Krista brings the experience over 50 weddings planned  successfully and

created a fun, inviting, yet stress free environment for all of her clients.

She feels like this is truly a dream come true and can not wait to plan your

next event.

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